A Dutch visual & interaction designer who loves sports, learning new things and travels occasionally to discover new places. In 2018 I got my Bachelor of Science by finishing Communication & Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. There I was thought to design websites, applications and other online interactive mediums. Usability was and is a significant facet in all of the projects. Besides online assignments I made various flyers, posters and other offline work during my time at school, internships and as a freelance visual designer. 
Apart from designing, I enjoy playing basketball, photography and travel as much as I can. When I have some time off, I'll spent it with friends and family.
Different internships and jobs complement my experience as a freelance designer. I gained experience from several different companies while studying. From an internship and job at a volunteer organisation, to being a visual designer at a web agency and doing my final project at a franchisor.
It was interesting to work for such different branches, I learned a lot from how the parties approach a project in an other way. You can download my resume here, any questions can be asked by mailing me at bylauravoskamp@gmail.com


So how can I make you stand out from the crowd? Contact me to find out!
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