The assignment: Redesigning the knowledge network of franchisor FHC Formulebeheer, which is used to communicate and exchange information with their franchisees.
"How does an online knowledge, services and communication platform provide clear exchanging of information between FHC Formulebeheer and the franchisees, in which we respond to the needs of the franchisees?" This was the question asked after preparatory researching the franchisor and the already existing knowledge network.
After a lot of usertesting, iterations and researching the users I produced a visual designed redesign which fits the needs of the franchisees, but also involves the franchisor. The renewed information architecture and improved usability make an improved knowledge network named Insider.
The project started with researching all the parties involved. By interviewing the franchisees, the franchisor and doing a card sorting test with the users I was able to make a new categorisation of the current and additional information. This resulted in a sitemap from which I created the new wireframes. After testing and multiple iterations it was time to design the visuals. The three different franchises are recognisable in the designs, every franchisee gets the design from his/her franchise. The most important information is seen at the top of the site, from there it's easy to navigate through the website.
All the research and conclusions you'll be able to find in the design rationale.


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