The assignment: Redesign the application of Cocoon, a digital asset management software. The app is used by companies to share files within the business with each other.
After researching the competition, where Byndr was a big example, I sketched out the first wireframes. I'd gotten a lot of feedback on the application already by interviewing users and finding problems by using the application myself.
After testing the wireframes and improve small details I started with looking for examples and trends for the visual design. The concept itself stayed the same: easy sharing images, documents and other files with each other. The user-friendliness of the design had the biggest transformation. Small changes like easily selecting files, made a huge difference.

By improving the user friendliness of the program and upgrading the visual design, a new version of Cocoon was born. With this minimal version of Cocoon the company who uses it can change the interface to its own corporate identity.

Easy selecting files, adding tags, adjusting files in to groups and sets, which makes it easy to find a document through the filtering system. I also made Cocoon more like a 'community', co-workers can chat and comment on each others files.

Of course a made a mobile version of the new Cocoon, so it's always accessible form every device.


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